Comprehensive Dentistry

Complete Integrated Digital Solutions for aesthetic and implant dentistry

The leader in comprehensive aesthetic and implant dentistry. Aurum Ceramic/Classic utilizes the latest digital technologies to create proven solutions that simplify the restorative process — from initial impression, design and model production to fabrication of the final restoration. We offer one of the widest ranges of restorative bundles on the market today - All with the fastest possible turnaround times!

Supported by Core3dcentres, the global trendsetter in digitally advanced milling technology for premium restorations, Aurum Ceramic/Classic delivers the ultimate in superior accuracy, communication and beauty. Here are just a few examples (with more constantly in development):

  • Take advantage of our extensive expertise in receiving files from all IOS systems (iTero, Trios®, True Def, Cerec® Omnicam Bluecam, Carestream, Planscan and more) – cutting chair time, speeding up turnaround times and dramatically reducing the space requirements for records storage.
  • Let us “print” High Precision study or work models (with analogs already in position if desired) from your digital 3D scan files. We can even scan them from your supplied models, impressions, and bites.
  • Ask us about how our “Reverse Engineering” process in Virtual Planning and Design generates outstanding clinical and aesthetic results!
  • Receive the optimal crown, bridge, prosthesis or appliance from our extensive suite of exclusive in-house and leading branded options. Or choose from our range of custom fixed price abutments, ICSimplicity® restorative packages and implant-retained milled or hybrid bars. All with guaranteed accuracy, fit and predictable costing.
Experience the Magic of Digital Dentistry...From Aurum Ceramic/Classic!

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Metal Free Ceramics

Beauty and Precision - For Every Indication!

A perfect fit in your practice, Aurum Ceramic/Classic offers you the best of all worlds: Beautiful, durable all-ceramic restorations . . . and Comprehensive Integrated Digital Workflow and Solutions that simplify the process - from initial impression to final restoration.

Ask about our premium service AE (Advanced Esthetic) Team® capabilities for all of your fixed esthetic cases - and our unique optical techniques create the ultimate esthetic result.


New Heights in Accuracy and Precision

Aurum Ceramic/Classic is committed to being the market leader in providing the latest in digital dental technology and the ultimate in superior accuracy, communication and beauty. Through Core3dcentres, our Aurum Group affiliated company, we provide you and your patients with state-of-the-art, precision milled restorations, combining the latest in CAD milling technologies, techniques and proven materials.

As an authorized milling partner for Dentsply CELTRA™ Duo, VITA Zahnfabrik, Ivoclar Vivadent™, 3M Lava™, BioHorizons®, and the Thommen Implant System; as well as a Cadent iTero™ model milling center and Carestream Dental Complete Solutions Partner, Core3dcentres® and Aurum Ceramic/Classic bring the full range of a global network of world-class, digitally advanced milling technology to bear on every case we complete. We offer access to all of the leading brands supported by continuing education, technical assistance, validated workflows and fast turnarounds. Whether you have a 3D intraoral scanner (e.g., such as Cadent iTero™) or use traditional impressions, restorations milled by Core3dcentres® and Aurum Ceramic/Classic exhibit superior durability and fit as well as highly aesthetics.

Latest Developments in Implantology

Make implants a rewarding, and profitable, part of your practice with Aurum Ceramic/Classic.

Aurum Ceramic/Classic has taken the lead in the digital era of implant dentistry by focusing our efforts on providing comprehensive “chairside-to-lab” integrated digital solutions for esthetic and implant dentistry. From pre-treatment planning to final restoration placement, our Implant Team™ specialists brings you the most advanced fixed and removable implant techniques, sophisticated software, range of materials and ultra-precise milling technologies available in dentistry today.

Aurum Ceramic/Classic has developed the largest implant library in the world, fully supported by a work-flow validated by leading scanning and CAD software providers. The result: unparalleled quality, aesthetics, design flexibility and fast turnaround. This allows us to support the clinician with:

  • A full library of dual-use scan bodies and implant components (19 implant brands currently supported with 105 different connections)
  • Unique digital solutions
  • Leading implant branded material options
  • Predictable, all-inclusive ICSimplicity™ fixed pricing on selected custom abutment/crown and fixed/removable overdenture combinations.
  • Our Exclusive Implant-Based Restoration Warranty Program - Covers Aurum Ceramic/Classic supplied restoration, abutment, related screws/components and even the implant itself!

Implant-based treatment doesn’t need to be complicated. Our experienced and talented technical implant and CAD/CAM specialists offer you the most advanced, customized fixed and removable implant techniques, materials and restorations available today.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Clinical experience has shown that a stable occlusal foundation plays a crucial role in the positive outcomes of any dental procedure. And, Neuromuscular Dentistry has brought a whole new dimension to the evaluation of occlusion – considering the relationship between the muscles, the TM joints and the teeth. Precise, objective evaluation of muscle status and function brings added predictability to diagnosis and improved function and durability to the finished case.

Aurum Ceramic/Classic supports a variety of proven techniques and instrumentation that assist in optimal diagnosis and therapy regarding occlusal function and its effect on both masticatory muscles and temporomandibular joints.

Outstanding New Concepts in Provisionals

Look to Aurum Ceramic/Classic for the most esthetic provisionals available today! Our exclusive custom laboratory fabricated NaturalTemps® Milled Provisionals feature natural line angles, embrasures, surface textures and occlusion. Emergence profiles are carefully developed, aiding in tissue healing and improved oral health. And, they allow for direct feedback between patient and practitioner on esthetic expectations, resulting in a more acceptable final result.

Innovation and Esthetics in Removable Prosthodontics

For the latest in Denture and Cast Partial technology, look to Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories. Our AE Teams® of Denture and Cast Partial specialists have perfected unique techniques that create picture-perfect smiles. Every prosthesis takes into account the subtle variations of natural dentition and contours of natural tissue that make each patient unique. And, our attention to detail and personalized patient-dentist-technician communication systems ensure that even the most challenging cases proceed accurately and smoothly.

Versatile PFMs

No matter what your restorative needs, the skilled technicians at Aurum Ceramic/Classic will create veneers, crowns or bridges to meet them. Copings can be cast thin for normal reduction, a beautiful incisal edge and superior marginal integrity, eliminating microleakage. Maintaining exacting control of proximal and anatomical contours for precise function, each restoration offers customized detail and characterization for unsurpassed esthetics.