Who is the Aurum Group?

The Aurum Group – Innovation, Technique, Service, Fast Turnaround

No one in dentistry can match the breadth and depth in technology, experience, expertise and product that the Aurum Group of Companies (Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories, Space Maintainers Canada, Cerum Ortho Organizers and Cerum Dental Supplies) brings to the table for dental professionals and patients across North America today. Applying technology, technique and research from around the globe. The Aurum Group of Companies has made these the cornerstones of a tradition of excellence. Our affiliated companies cover all aspects from implants to digital dentistry to the creation of accurate, functional and aesthetic appliances, prostheses and restorative solutions.

We are committed to investigating and implementing the latest in proven, new technologies. And, our high performance Teams are equally committed to upgrading their skills, expertise and talents – challenging themselves to excel through constant improvement.

Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental

Proven new technologies and techniques. Innovative applications. Unsurpassed support. Superior value. It all adds up to an unbeatable package of Advanced and Diversified Capabilities that Aurum Ceramic/Classic applies to meet every restorative challenge. From advanced smile design to exacting full mouth reconstruction; from superbly crafted veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges, dentures, cast partials or implant-based restorations; our specialized Teams in each area of state-of-the-art dentistry have the skills, expertise, experience and technology to deliver outstanding results...on every case... every time.

Aurum @ LVI

Created specifically to meet the needs of clinicians who have committed to neuromuscular and advanced esthetic dentistry, Aurum Ceramic @ LVI has put together a select group of our most experienced and talented LVI-trained Neuromuscular and Advanced Esthetic specialists. These Teams of ceramic artists help you enhance your patients’ quality of life with incredibly beautiful, superbly precise full mouth reconstruction and advanced cosmetic results.

Space Maintainers - Canada

Whether you need removable appliances, retainers, fixed appliances, functional appliances, bleaching trays, snoring/OSA appliances or splints and mouthguards, Space Maintainers - Canada is your Orthodontic Specialist. We blend the expertise of our well-trained, experienced and creative technicians with the finest materials available to provide your patients with unsurpassed orthodontic results. At Space Maintainers, your case is always right - the first time.

Cerum Ortho Organizers

Innovative products, top quality, fast delivery, friendly service, Canadian dollar pricing and the only full orthodontic line inventoried in Canada, when you add it all up, it’s hard to beat Cerum Ortho Organizers commitment to advancing the future of Orthodontics in Canada! We are Canada’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art fixed orthodontic products. Ask for your FREE Catalogue for all the details.

Cerum Dental Supplies

The Aurum Ceramic/Classic Product Collection is a select list of the best in proven, innovative materials, instruments and tools that have been specifically chosen for their ability to make your restorative efforts easier and our mutual success possible.