Shipping Info

Aurum Ceramic/Classic makes shipping your cases fast and easy. As a full-service laboratory, we are pleased to offer FREE pickup and delivery of Crown & Bridge, Implant, Cast Partial, Denture and Orthodontic cases. If you practice within the local area for any of our laboratory locations, our fleet of courteous drivers will be happy to pick up and deliver your cases. We also offer overnight service via Purolator for anywhere else in Canada. We've even included some Shipping Tips to help simplify the shipping process.

Local Pick Up and Delivery Service Available In:


(403) 228-5120
(800) 661-1169

(902) 566-5313
(866) 253-5313

(780) 423-1904
(800) 661-2745

(403) 320-0622
(844) 764-5323

(506) 857-0465
(800) 665-4123

(613) 736-1946
(800) 267-7040


(306) 665-8815
(800) 665-8815

(604) 737-2010
(800) 663-1721

(250) 542-5164
(800) 663-5413

(250) 595-2314
(800) 663-6364

(250) 762-3022
(800) 667-4146


For Pick-Up and Delivery Outside Local Areas:

Unless otherwise arranged, please ship collect through your local Purolator office via the Internet
( or by TOLL FREE telephone (1-888-SHIP-123).

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Other couriers available for collect shipment include ISC and FedEx.

Have a Case Ready Now, Questions Or Need More Shipping Materials?                                                          
Please feel free to call your closest Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratory at the numbers listed above and ask to speak to customer service or e-mail us with your questions or requests for shipping materials. Our "New Doctor Kit" is available on request through our Contact Us form on this website.

To Send A Case:

  • In order to expedite your cases, we request that you enclose a completed prescription with your name and address; type of restoration; tooth numbers (and shade if applicable). Also please note on the prescription when an opposing model and bite are enclosed with the impression.
  • For shipments within local pick up areas, just call your closest Aurum Ceramic/Classic laboratory location using the telephone numbers listed above.
  • For shipments outside of local pick up areas, please use the Purolator waybills and shipping materials we supply to you (for additional materials, please call your closest Aurum Ceramic/Classic laboratory location or use our Contact Us form).

On the waybill, you will note that the "Account Number" (Box 1), our "Shipping Address" (Box 4), the "Ship Mode - Air" (Box 8) and "Bill to Receiver" (Box 11) are already filled in for you. To complete the waybill, please fill in the following boxes (make sure you use a pen and press hard as you are completing three copies. Please do not use rubber stamps or office labels unless you do so on all three copies):

Box 2 Your name and address (don't forget to include your telephone number)
Box 3 Date of Shipment
Box 7 Your signature
Box 12 Enter "1" in the LB box.
Boxes 5, 6, 9, 10 and 13 should NOT be completed.

Seal the box securely with packing tape and attach the waybill. In the case of a multiple package shipment, please remove the bar code labels from the back page of the waybill and affix one to each package (this eliminates the need for multiple waybills). If not already on the boxes, place our supplied mailing address label on each box in the shipment.

NOTE: On occasion, packages have opened during shipment. For added shipment integrity, ask Purolator for a supply of Puro Pak envelopes. Place our sealed shipping box or boxes in the Purolator envelope, seal it and attach the waybill. Should the box open, the surrounding Puro Pak envelope will help prevent items from being lost.

Shipping Tips

A. Avoiding Broken Models
Broken or chipped models must be returned to your office, resulting in delays for both you and your patients in the fabrication of your cases. This can be prevented with the following tips:

  • All models must be wrapped separately in either a polyfoam bag or a sheet of bubble wrap. Please clearly identify all models with the patient's name.
  • After wrapping the model, the polyfoam bag or the bubble wrap must be secured with either tape or an elastic band.
  • Place the wrapped models within the shipping box with extra wrapping surrounding them to prevent any movement of the models inside the box. Keep models well separated.
  • All other items sent (such as impressions, bites, denture shade tabs, appliances, etc.) should be identified and placed in a separate container or clear vinyl pouch.
  • Make sure all contents are secure and won't shift during shipment.

The industry standard soft yellow stone is really only intended for dentures. For a more stable, harder and more accurate model, consider the new age resin die stones. They are also much stronger and better suited to stand up to the rigours of shipment. Highly recommended for Crown & Bridge and Cast Chrome. This material is available as part of the Aurum Ceramic/Classic Product Collection. Call our order desk at 1-800-361-9567 for more information.

B. Shipping Impressions

  • Do NOT ship unpoured alginates. Alginates will begin to distort within 15 minutes of impression so even impressions sent locally must be poured up in stone at the dental office.
  • Carefully wrap polyvinyl siloxane impressions in separate containers or clear vinyl pouches. Pack the impression dry. Do NOT use wet tissues or paper towels. Place the wrapped impression flat within the shipping box, carefully avoiding stacking other materials on top of it (which would, of course, cause distortion).