Removable Orthodontic Courses

The following Clinicians are available to speak in conjunction with Dental Societies or Study Clubs. For more information or courses in your area, please contact the Aurum Ceramic/Classic Continuing Education Department at 1-800-363-3989 or contact us via e-mail.


"Advanced Level Orthodontics. The Next Step to Success for Pediatric & General Dentists"

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share Dr. Jay Gerber’s secrets to successful orthodontics in the general practice gained through his 25 years of hands-on experience. One of the few Senior Instructors for the International Association of Orthodontics, the largest group of non-specialty dentists in the world practicing orthodontics, he understands the importance of efficiency and productivity through patient flow.

Long recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the neuromuscular aspects of functional jaw orthodontics, Dr. Gerber has presented at distinguished universities and to international conferences and symposiums since 1984. He has also been widely published and has produced over thirty instructional videotapes on orthodontics and TMJ.

A graduate of the West Virginia University School of Dentistry and in full-time general practice, Dr. Gerber holds a fellowship in the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and is board certified by the American Academy of Pain Management. He has served as the comprehensive course instructor for the AAOGP, Michigan AGD, Indiana AGD, SWOS, WSSG and TMD Studies. Since 1984, Dr. Gerber has instructed over 5000 dentists on the use of straight wire type braces, functional jaw orthopedics and on the treatment of TMJ.



"Minor Tooth Movement"

Since Dr. Rob Veis began practicing 16 years ago, he has been part of both solo and group practices. For the past 12 years, Dr. Veis has been actively teaching at the University of Southern California Dental School, where he is currently serving as an Associate Clinical Professor in Restorative Dentistry.

In 1990, Dr. Veis joined the teaching staff at Space Maintainers and lectures internationally on the integration of Appliance Therapy into the general practice. He is co-author of the Manual of Appliance Therapy for Adults and Children, as well as the author of The Practice Building Bulletin (with a circulation of over 15,000 dentists). Dr. Veis currently maintains a private practice in Westwood, California.


 william hang box

"Why OSA Would Not Exist"

Dr. William M. Hang is Local, national, and international speaker on topics including the Orthotropics® technique, orthodontics and the Posterior Airway Space, guidance of tooth eruption and prevention of tooth impaction, facial esthetics, and obstructive sleep apnea’s relationship to facial development at venues including the Yankee Dental Congress, American Association of Orthodontists, University of California San Francisco, Medical College of Virginia, South Dakota Society of Orthodontists, West Michigan Academy of General Dentistry Study Club, University of Texas Orthodontic Alumni Association, Harvard University School of Dentistry Orthodontic Program, Stanford University School of Medicine Sleep Center, University of Southern California Odontic Study Group, North American Society for the Study of Orthodontics, Spanish Society for Facial Growth Guidance, International Association of Facial Growth Guidance Symposiums, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, International Association for Orthodontics, American Academy of Gnathological Orthopedics, Northern California Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, International Association for Orofacial Myology, International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics, Academy for Comprehensive Esthetics, LVI Study Clubs, Canadian Chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines, The American Association of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry, Australian Chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.