Cosmetic Adjunctive Products

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Cosmetic Adjunctive Products

Removable Anatomical Orthotic

Clear acrylic splint with full occlusal anatomy. Ball clasps placed in posterior areas for retention. Repositions lower arch in full mouth reconstruction cases, allowing patient’s muscles to become accustomed to new bite position. Designed so patient can wear 24 hours a day, seven days a week without impeding normal functions (eat, sleep, etc.).

NOTE: Tens bite or myo bite registration must accompany impressions or models with prescription to allow appliance to be constructed.

Fixed Orthotic

Fabricated intraorally using lab-supplied matrix and provisional materials, bonded to patient’s un-prepped upper or lower arch while opposing arch being restored or to un-prepped arch for diagnostic purposes. Maintains proper vertical and anterior/posterior position of arch. High patient compliance, not removable.

Lab Fabricated Fixed Orthotic

Fixed Orthotic already laboratory processed in acrylic and supplied to the clinician ready to bond directly to the teeth. Eliminates need for practitioner to create a standard Fixed Orthotic from the silicone matrix and provisional material.

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