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All-Zirconia Strength...
Best-in-Class Translucency...
Esthetics Rivalling Lithium Disilicate!


Significantly higher (49%) translucency compared to other super translucent zirconias.

standard zirconia translucency2

Standard Zirconia 30% Translucency

crystalite translucency2

Crystalite 49% Translucency







•  The Perfect Balance - outstanding esthetics combined with biocompatible, high performance flexural strength (720 MPa’s) and fracture toughness.
•  Warm, natural colour and increased vitality. Contains cubic zirconia which refracts additional light for unique optical effects of natural teeth.
•  Indicated throughout the mouth:

  • Esthetic Anterior Crowns and 3 unit bridges
  • Esthetic Posterior Restorations
  • Esthetic Screw-retained implant abutments and crowns

•  Absolutely no ageing effect. Available in all VITA shades.
•  CAD/CAM designed and milled to ensure precise fit.
•  Easy, tooth preserving standard 1 mm (minimum) preparation.
•  Conventional Cementation.
•  Protected by Aurum Ceramic’s FIVE (5) YEAR Warranty program.

flexural strength chart

Strength Values Chart

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