Diagnostic Wax-up

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Diagnostic Wax-up

Show your patients what cosmetic dentistry can achieve! Natural-looking three-dimensional representation of final case. Indicated for crowns, bridges, veneers and implants as well as Advanced Cosmetic cases. Powerful patient communication tool. Dramatically increase acceptance rates by allowing patient to view shape and contour of teeth. Allows careful planning of function, anterior guidance and cuspid rise.

  • Visual aid for tooth reduction requirements.
  • Matrices created from wax-up serve as valuable check to ensure adequate preparation.
  • Pre-plan location and contour of gingival tissue recontouring.
  • Template for final restorations.
  • Allows quick fabrication of outstanding temporaries.
  • Part of Aurum Ceramic/Classic's exclusive ACCES® (Advanced Cosmetic Communication and Esthetic System) approach.

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