AE (Advanced Esthetic) Dentures®

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AE (Advanced Esthetic) Dentures®

Aurum Ceramic/Classic's AE Denture Teams® of Las Vegas Institute trained neuromuscular specialists have perfected unique techniques that create picture-perfect smiles. Every AE Denture® is fabricated with SR-Ivocap or Eclipse and your choice of top quality artificial teeth. Takes into account subtle variations of natural dentition and contours of natural tissue that makes each patient unique. Provides the optimum bite position. And, our attention to detail and personalized patient-dentist-technician communication systems ensure even the most challenging case proceeds accurately and smoothly.

  • Bring your denture artistry to life!
  • Offer your edentulous patients dramatic improvements in denture esthetics and function.
  • Blends the latest in technique and technology.
  • Our AE Denture Teams® have the knowledge, proven abilities and creativity to deliver unsurpassed results every time.

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