Computerized Prosthesis Design

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Computerized Prosthesis Design

Clear communication between dentist and laboratory technician has always been a critical part of any successful restoration. Now, through Aurum Ceramic/Classic's computerized cast partial design system, vastly improved communication can be easily accomplished.

Unlike catalogue systems that merely list completed designs, the Aurum Ceramic/Classic System maintains a library of all the various components (i.e., teeth, clasps, rests, connectors and crowns) needed to create a custom prosthesis. The patient's current situation (i.e., missing teeth) is displayed on the computer screen. Accessory items, such as crowns or bridges are inserted as necessary. The computer then creates a recommended design taking every possible configuration of the missing teeth into account. This design can be further customized by modifying the clasps, crowns, etc. Plots clearly outlining several different treatment possibilities are sent to the practitioner for consideration and approval before the final impression is taken. As the system stores all designs, re-access and modification is easy. The same plots can be used to explain proposed treatment plans to the patient, making them an excellent patient education tool.

  • Clear, graphic communication...A great practice-builder.
  • Completely customized cast partial designs quickly and accurately.
  • Applies one of the three common clinical methodologies (Stress Broken, Semi-Rigid or Mixed Technique) in automatically designing each case.
  • Crown and Bridge, Gold Crown, PFM, Post and Core, Implant and Veneer cases can be designed just as easily.

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