Eclipse® Dentures

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Eclipse® Dentures

Simplified indirect technique

Monomer-free, Eclipse is a revolutionary light-cured material that utilizes a proven indirect technique to produce highly aesthetic, well-fitting dentures with excellent colour stability. The technician forms the final baseplate directly on the Master Model. After your occlusal appointment, the teeth are directly set on the baseplate. Wax-like at this stage, the Eclipse material and teeth can be adjusted chairside at your try-in. Final processing is accomplished by the technician with high-energy light-curing system, eliminating the flasking, investing and boiling out of standard techniques. There are no processing errors or changes in vertical dimension.

Fit at try-in equals fit at delivery! The baseplate used for the occlusal rims becomes part of final denture. This allows dentist and patient can evaluate function and aesthetics at the occlusal and try-in appointments. And, patients can feel the final fit prior to delivery, increasing final case acceptance.

  • Easy to implement in your practice.
  • Customized aesthetics and easy characterization.
  • Use acrylic or porcelain teeth.
  • Fully repairable and relineable.

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