NaturalFlex® II

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NaturalFlex® II

Based on acetyl resin technology proven in European dentistry over almost a decade, NaturalFlex® II opens up a tremendous range of treatment options including partial dentures and removable bridges with true long-term esthetics. Its superior strength allows you your choice of tooth or tissue-colored resin clasps to be every bit as thin as those made from metal. Clasps literally disappear in the mouth without sacrificing function or longevity.

Also indicated for many new applications such as unilateral space maintainers, posts, temporary bridges, implant abutments, clasps on existing metal partials and orthodontic devices. Twenty color-stable shades and three different pink hues (to match with conventional acrylic resins) ensure a perfect customized esthetic match for each patient. Naturally flexible for a comfortable fit, there is no need for the patient to warm appliance prior to each insertion. Highly polishable, NaturalFlex® II is also biocompatible, non-allergenic and monomer-free.

  • Give your patients an affordable, beautifully esthetic, superbly fitting restoration.
  • Remarkably light-weight, yet among the most resistant and stiffest non-reinforced materials.
  • Up to 20 times harder than restorations fabricated from standard
    acrylic materials.
  • Features high elastic memory and remarkable dimensional stability.
  • Flexible for a comfortable fit.

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