The Simplus™ Denture System

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The Simplus™ Denture System

Precise, Aesthetic Complete Dentures in Only 3 Appointments

Simple Technique – Reliable – Repeatable – Fast and Easy
North American Demand for Complete Dentures is Rising Exponentially!

  • More than 35 million North Americans are edentulous.
  • 90% of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures.
  • Almost 15 percent have dentures made each year!

Is Your Practice Ready To Catch the Wave?

With Aurum Ceramic/Classic’s new and exclusive Simplus™ Denture System Technique, you will be — and with far fewer appointments for the practitioner and patient in the operatory! Utilizing in-operatory materials, systems and products already found in your practice, this concise technique is a repeatable, faster and easier way to provide all of your applicable patients with functionally and esthetically pleasing complete dentures.

  • Takes patient’s existing denture and creates a lighter, stronger, more aesthetic, patient-pleasing replacement.
  • Don’t Like Doing Dentures? Simplus™ gives you the systems, and confidence, to market to and treat a nearly unlimited, and growing, number of edentulous patients.
  • Helps even more with implant cases. Simplus makes creating precisely fitting new dentures a snap!
  • Fully detailed, step-by-step Technique Sheet available below!

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