AurumTek® Milled Custom Implant Abutments

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AurumTek® Milled Custom Implant Abutments

A perfect fit... for strength, precision and esthetics

The practice of implantology is full of challenges. Impossible time constraints. Incorrect angulation. Implants placed too deep sub-gingivally. Obsolete systems. Now, you can eliminate many of these with AurumTek® Custom Abutments, designed and milled exclusively in-house at Aurum Ceramic/Classic.

The Natural Beauty of Shaded Zirconia

  • Full palette of shades available for seamless transition between abutment and crown.
  • Perfect emergence profiles for optimal soft tissue support and margin placement.

Combined with the Strength of Titanium

  • Titanium base allows metal-to-metal connection between screw and abutment.
  • Prevents fracturing (stresses from torqueing screw focused on titanium versus zirconia).
  • Custom fabricated all- Zirconia or all-Titanium abutments also available.

Created with the Latest Advancements in Digital Technologies

  • Abutments and crowns custom designed from your fixture level impression.
  • Milled with CAD/CAM technology for virtually perfect fit and easy seating.
  • Customized height, width, margin and angulation.
  • Restore even large full arch or full mouth reconstruction cases with perfect confidence.