AurumTek® Multiple Implant Solution (High Esthetic) Bridge

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AurumTek® Multiple Implant Solution (High Esthetic) Bridge

IPS e.max® esthetics, All-Zirconia strength and fixed Screw-Retained Bridge Pricing set before you even start . . . All in one convenient complete package! Based on a patient specific, digitally designed and precision-milled all-zirconia understructure, the AurumTek® Multiple Implant Solution (High Esthetic) Bridge includes six individually cemented IPS e.max® anterior crowns and is finished off with pink porcelain for a truly natural, customized final result.

Exclusively from Aurum Ceramic/Classic – right up to 10 unit bridges. Compatible with a wide variety of implant platforms. An Impression jig is required. Call Aurum Ceramic/Classic for details.

Esthetics and Screw-retained Bridge All-inclusive Pricing you can rely on ...Starting from $8995.00!

Example Configuration:

  • 10 Unit Bridge/6 implants/6 crowns: $8995 all-inclusive1

1 Includes CAD/CAM precision-milled Zirconia All-Ceramic understructure with 6 all-ceramic e.max® crowns, 6 AurumTek® platforms, related screws and components for any supported implant system.

* Note: All Implant components supplied by Aurum Ceramic/Classic preferred suppliers. Includes all labour, all model and die work, set-ups, bite blocks, try-ins and verification jigs. Most implant systems supported. Prices subject to change without notice.

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