BioHorizons Custom Abutments

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BioHorizons Custom Abutments

BioHorizons® Custom Abutments fast and precise!
from Core3dcentres® and Aurum Ceramic/Classic!

Core3dcentres and BioHorizons have created a fast, proven and efficient process for precise Custom Titanium Abutments or Hybrid Abutments – Custom solutions made easy!

Authentic BioHorizons Abutments...

  • Genuine Laser-Lok® and non- Laser-Lok®.
  • BioHorizons components and materials, ensuring an accurate fit every time.

...Milled by Core3dcentres®...

  • A certified BioHorizons Milling Center.
  • Custom abutments to exacting customer specifications.
  • Full range of patient-specific, precision-milled bars for BioHorizons implants.
  • All workflows fully validated (including dual-use Core3dcentres scan bodies for technician and dentist).

...Available from Aurum Ceramic/Classic

  • Part of our integrated ‘Root-to-Tooth™’ Digital Implant Solutions™ for customized implant prosthetics.

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