Functional Appliances

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Functional Appliances

Functional Appliances from Space Maintainers
–The Perfect Solution for Class II Challenges!

Why Functional Appliances?

  • Correct a variety of “Class II” situations reliably and predictably.
  • Usually used as a first stage of treatment (in a growing patient with a significant disharmony between the upper and lower jaws).
  • Typically passive, tooth-borne without active components (i.e. springs, screws).

Why Space Maintainers For Your Functional Appliances?

  • Industry’s widest range of exceptional functional appliances, created with the finest quality materials.
  • Each appliance carefully matched to individual patient needs, comfortable and easy to maintain, inconspicuous and aesthetically sound.
  • Always ready to help with these popular designs - and many more - or to take on your special or custom requirements.


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