Study Models

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Study Models

Make your case presentations come alive!

As a three-dimensional presentation aid that patients can touch, handle and see it from all sides, beautifully finished Study Models from Space Maintainers allow patients to see their own mouth structure and more easily identify with what's wrong. Then you can explain, using a model of perfect teeth, the steps that should be undertaken to rectify the problem. As treatment proceeds, these models serve as a permanent record of each patient's progress. They're equally valuable in either Orthodontic or Crown and Bridge situations. Each set of Study Models is trimmed to the most exacting specifications; sanded, soaped and polished to a high gloss finish and clearly inscribed with the patient's name on the back.

All that is required to fabricate a perfect set of Study Models are upper and lower casts (or alginates) and a centric bite registration to aid in trimming.

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