Talon® Splint

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Talon® Splint

Safest Splint Tested - No Discernable Leaching of Free Monomer! Talon® will not leach out plasticizers into the oral cavity. Gas chromatographic studies verify residual monomer level of only 0.14%. A Talon® Splint will not harden over time, has "memory" and will not warp under normal wear and handling of the appliance.

Created from soft, thermoplastic, resilient Talon® polymer, retentive base becomes flexible when heated under warm tap water for trouble-free instant fit. Base returns to original shape as it cools, utilizing natural buccal undercuts and lingual interproximal spaces for retention. Unlike other thermoplastics currently available, Talon® maintains its original flexibility for years. A hard acrylic is chemically bonded to processed Talon® material to form splint's occlusal surface, allowing easy, precise occlusal adjustments. Proper proprioceptive response with the opposing dentition is maintained.

  • Comfortable retentive base eliminates time spent trying to find "tight spots" on appliance due to pressure points.
  • Accurate and adjustable hard occlusal surface chemically bonded to processed Talon® material.
  • Great treatment option for patients needing splint for bruxism, periodontal splinting, orthodontic stabilization, or TMJ dysfunction.
  • Can be utilized for all splint designs (i.e., Gelb, MORA, May, Sears, Jankelson, Tanner, etc.)

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