Twin-Block Appliance

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Twin-Block Appliance

The use of functional jaw orthopaedics, at the correct time during growth, can ultimately result in maloccluded patients achieving a broad, beautiful smile, an excellent functional occlusion, a full face with a beautiful jaw line and lateral profile and, most important of all, a stable and healthy temporomandibular joint. Unlike bulky, one-piece functional appliances, the Twin Block has separate, unattached upper and lower bite block components - actually two appliances which work together as one. In function, these two appliances interlock at the 70 degree angle set into the bite blocks and posture the mandible forward into the ideal Class I position preset by your wax registration.

Described as "the most comfortable and the most esthetic of all the functional appliances", the Twin Block does not contain anterior wires or cheek and lip pads. Lingual extensions are eliminated ensuring patient comfort. The patient can eat and speak normally - movements of the tongue, lip and mandible are not restricted. The high comfort level allows the appliance to be worn 24 hours a day. This harnesses the forces of occlusion and mastication, leading to faster results and shorter treatment times.

  • Versatile design - control and correct upper and lower arch width and length at same time skeletal changes are being made.
  • Indicated for following malocclusions: Class II Division I; Class II Division 2; Class I open bites; Class I closed bites; Class III; Lateral arch constriction and anterior/posterior arch length discrepancies (can also be used effectively in TMJ therapy).
  • Excellent patient motivator. Patient appearance and profile noticeably improved immediately.

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