Extended Warranty Program

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Extended Warranty Program

It's a dangerous world out there for Orthodontic Appliances!

Featuring one of the industry's most comprehensive warranty programs (both for you and your patients), every Space Maintainers appliance is 100% guaranteed for 90 days against defective materials and craftsmanship.

Now, you can do something about it. Protect your patient’s newly fabricated appliances against loss or irreparable damage with one of the industry's most comprehensive warranty programs. Building on our normal 90 day guarantee against defective materials and craftsmanship, Space Maintainers’ Extended Warranty Program* covers them for ONE FULL CALENDAR YEAR from their date of delivery!

For a small fee per appliance, you can protect all of your newly fabricated appliances against:

  • Loss
  • Damage beyond repair
  • Breakage

All remade to original prescription AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR MATERIALS OR LABOUR!

Sign up today! Whether Orthodontic Appliance, Splint, Mouthguard or any other appliance supplied by Space Maintainers, these warranties are a powerful selling tool in your practice. Coverage begins when you register your office under Space Maintainer's Extended Warranty Program.

Certain terms and conditions apply.

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